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If you need a laptop and can't afford a new machine, borrow one of ours for free

We are often very lovingly donated old equipment which normally goes for secure recycling, but we'd rather put it to better use. 

We are now offering Free Laptop Rental to families in need. Does your child need to do homework, or you need a laptop for work or other essential online services but you can't afford to buy a new machine? Get in touch, and if we have one in stock we will arrange for you to borrow for free of charge a full working laptop and charger. We currently have 3 dedicated machines and are often being donated more. 

Each machine is in full working order, and we will wipe the drive before you take it and when you drop it back so anything you do on the laptop is safe and won't be shared with anyone else. We'll ask you to sign a small disclaimer when you pick it up and another when you drop it back, and obviously the machine cannot be used for illicit or illegal activities.