PC Health Checks

To ensure your computer is working at it's best, I recommend that computers are given a through Health Check every 6 months.

PC Health Checks allow us to ensure that your PC is working at it's best, whilst identifying potential faults before they happen and preventing the loss of your precious Pictures, Videos, Music and other Documents.


During your PC Health Check, I will personally complete all of the following checks to ensure that your PC is running efficiently and effectively. Routine maintenance and repairs are also completed to ensure it is running smoothly.


  • Hardware Stress Testing - All of the major components that make up your computer will be stress tested to ensure they are not likely to fail in the near future*

  • Virus & Malware Scan - Your PC will be scanned for viruses and malware in the common places they like to hide. The award-winning scanner I use destroys 99.9% of infections**

  • Advanced System Booster - Your system will be checked for unwanted, temporary junk files and cleaned of anything that isn't in use. This helps boost the speed of your PC

  • Operating  System Summary - Your operating system will be checked to ensure it is working normally. If needed, repairs will be made but these will not affect your documents or personal data.

How It Works...

Only £50.00

+ Collection/Delivery

What else do I need to know?


All work is carried out in line with our Privacy Policy  which can be found at www.shaunprince.com/privacy and our Terms and Conditions which can be found at www.shaunprince.com/terms. By using our PC Health Check service, you agree to these terms. PC Health Checks can only be completed on Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows (any edition). You will need to provide me with a Username & Password for an Administrator account on the PC. PC Health Checks usually take around 2 hours to complete but this can be considerably longer. *Whilst your components are stress tested, they are not guaranteed. The stress test simply shows that the components tested are not showing signs of failing under strenuous pressure at the time of testing. **The Virus and Malware scanner can find and destroy 99.9% of infections of a machine. Clever infections can hide from the scanner and stay within your system. Should this happen, Shaun Prince Computer Services Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss of data or usage from a machine. If you live in St Neots, Eynesbury, Eaton Ford, Eaton Socon or Little Paxton, Collection & Delivery is Free. If you live outside of this area, but within a 10-mile radius of St Neots, Collection & Delivery is £10. If you live further away please Contact Me for a quote before booking a PC Health Check. You are welcome to deliver and collect your PC to and from my office at a pre-arranged time for free.

All work completed is done so in line with the Privacy Policy displayed at www.shaunprince.com/privacy and the Terms of Service displayed at www.shaunprince.com/terms

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