• Shaun Prince

4 Tips to Help You Evaluate and Pick the Right MSSP

MSSPs, short for managed security service providers, provide security-related services for companies that need an expert to care for all their security needs. It is much like outsourcing one's need for web hosting to a managed web hosting provider, except this time, an entire security program is outsourced. This type of service is incredibly beneficial for companies that require high levels of security but do not have the resources to accomplish that. By hiring service providers, a company can easily access enterprise-level security solutions without emptying their bank accounts.

Different MSSPs offer different services and experiences, and knowing how to pick the right one is essential to the success of one's business. In this article, we're going to help you understand how to choose the right MSSP to ensure you get your security needs met:

1. Look at Their Expertise

The first thing to look at to pick the right MSSP is their expertise. Most MSSPs will have a particular focus, generally one or two areas of technologies. Through this, you can compare their expertise against your needs, ensuring that they meet your security requirements. With that in mind, a good MSSP will have experts with knowledge of multiple areas in digital protection. On the other hand, an MSSP with severely limited digital protection expertise should be ignored, as they won't benefit you at all.

2. Look at Their Capabilities

When talking about capabilities, we are talking about their professional qualifications. You need to ensure that the MSSP you pick has the right qualifications to offer you the security services you need. Otherwise, they may make claims without any qualifications, tricking you into opting for their services when in reality, they aren’t qualified to offer security services.

3. Look at What Changes They Offer

More often than not, when reaching out to an MSSP, they will generally give you ideas on what they will change about your current security solution, if any. Pay attention to these changes, as it will be a starting point to help you know what kind of services you will get. If you see that the changes are beneficial, you're on the right track. However, if the proposed changes do nothing to make your life a lot easier, you might want to look for another MSSP instead.

4. Look For Third-Party Audits and Evaluations

An MSSP should have no problems providing you with copies of their third-party audits and evaluations. This proves that they are a legitimate service provider who is genuinely proud of the services they offer. Regardless, check the audits to make sure that they are doing a good job. If you spot anything concerning or find that they are apprehensive about giving you said documents, you're better off looking for someone else.


When looking for an MSSP, apply the tips we've shared with you today. If you spot any red flags at all about the MSSP or feel like something's off, go ahead and look for another MSSP. You should only ever look for an MSSP that not only can earn your trust but is genuinely realistic about what they can do about your security needs. They will work closely with you, explaining the possible changes they can make to improve your security and outline what kind of results you should be expecting out of it. Only when you can fully trust an MSSP should you hire them!

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