• Shaun Prince

5 Necessary Tech Upgrades Businesses Need to Thrive in 2021

The COVID-19 epidemic has emphasized the importance of updating and innovating some of our present systems, particularly remote work models. Companies unprepared for the abrupt move to a dispersed workforce are now actively involved in preparing some much-needed technical adjustments and upgrades, such as embracing cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities.

Small business finances are limited, especially when it comes to IT. However, technological enhancements quickly pay for themselves by boosting IT performance and allowing staff to achieve more in less time. It may be time to prioritize your IT assets to guarantee that they function smoothly and efficiently.

Here are five great ways to upgrade your existing technology and brace your company for the future:

1. Get Better Hardware

Workstations that are old, sluggish, and unreliable are not just the misery of every employee's existence; they may also jeopardize your company's goals. With obsolete gear, it is challenging to satisfy modern company expectations and service consumers promptly. Consider purchasing updated computer systems to help you do tasks more effectively and give more excellent value to your clients.

Remember that specific contemporary software applications may not function on older computers, so an upgrade may be needed to boost productivity. Mini PCs are ideal for organizations with limited office space or those seeking low-cost performance and value.

2. Get Rid of The Paper

Paper documents are typically inefficient and restrict access. Printing, scanning, and copying thousands of physical documents every day can have a negative impact on the company's time, energy, and costs. Whereas if you take the short-term pains of digitizing all your forms, you're setting up your company for more efficiency and cost savings in the future.

The cheap cost of internet storage makes cloud services an excellent corporate value and convenience, especially for employees who access it any time of the day. Another advantage is that you do not have to keep backups yourself. Cloud service providers automatically backup your data as part of their core services, and recovering inadvertently lost data is similar to retrieving files from the Windows Recycle Bin.

3. Upgrade to a High-Speed and Reliable Internet Connection

A high-speed network connection that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week allows businesses to operate new programs such as office suites and customer relationship management software that would otherwise strain older, slower networks. Employees like an improved network connection since it helps them to accomplish work more quickly and move on to the next job.

Collaboration is another significant advantage of a dependable network. Online collaboration services enable employees to meet one-on-one or in groups using audio or video apps. They make distant employees feel like they're an active part of the workplace.

4. Put Security and Monitoring Measures in Place

Agile software is already a given in any company nowadays. Companies that use the cloud and have safe DevOps operations can swiftly adjust as requirements change. When apps and infrastructure are challenged, visibility enhances user experience by preventing performance and availability concerns. In this circumstance, bad actors may perceive an opportunity. Preventive security and monitoring recommended practices keep apps healthy.

5. Enhance Internal Communications

Collaboration is essential in nearly any organization, but email and traditional instant messaging are sometimes unsuitable for the modern workplace. They may be clumsy and rigid, making virtual cooperation time-consuming and irritating. A customized communication tool may be exactly what you need to bring your company together. Whether you have an onsite, remote, or mixed workforce, a collaboration platform like Slack or Blizz can make teamwork less onerous, stimulate worker interaction, and boost overall productivity.


Before making a large purchase, thoroughly study each tool's capabilities, pricing, and scalability. Some technologies are tailored to giant corporations with thousands of employees, while others are tailored to small business operations. If you are looking for IT solutions in St. Neots, Shaun Prince Computer Services is ready to serve your needs. Our comprehensive range of IT support and services will surely help you set your business up for success!