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Back 2 School - Get re-organised and motivated for the new season with these handy PC tips...

Well it’s that time of year - the kids are back at school and most of us are breathing a huge sigh of relief! 😉 One of the positive aspects for kids and adults alike is that it always feels like a fresh start this time of year! The kids wear their crisp uniform and shiny new shoes with pride and smile as they get out their new pencil case brimming with sharp shiny pencils, amidst dreams of becoming the next world leader.

Us adults may be slightly less optimistic! But September always feels like a fresh start doesn’t it? Many of us have had 6 weeks of camping, lazy days down the park and countless episodes of Peppa Pig, and as we wave our little cherubs off at the gates, we can look forward to 6 whole hours of peace and quiet, and time to focus on our work. Feeling pumped and ready to go?

A recent study concluded that an untidy workspace can “undermine people's persistence in completing tasks.” Working in a clean & tidy working environment means you are less likely to be distracted by objects cluttering up a workspace, therefore you will be more able to focus, and your productivity will be through the roof!

It’s easy for me to say, but quite often one of the essential bits of kit that gets overlooked is the computer. Without some essential clean-up work, your once feisty little machine that had all the attributes of Usain Bolt, will resemble a professional darts player after 10 pints of Cornish Rattler.

Ever been driven to distraction when every command you make is like watching tumble weed gently drift across your screen? Yep, it can soon zap your new-found enthusiasm for work and life! Your computer needs to feel the love. And here’s how you can do it…...

Keyboard/laptop keys

Gross alert!!!!! Did you know that your keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat!?

How often do you clean yours? (is that a cough I hear?). Dirty, sticky keys can not only spread germs, but the stuff that gets left on your keys such as oil from your fingers, food debris, dust and pet hair can actually affect the way it works too. Here’s a step-by step guide on how to (safely) clean your keyboard:

  1. First things first – TURN OFF AND UPLUG YOUR DEVICE

  2. Gently tilt the laptop/keyboard upside down and GENTLY tap and shake it. This will remove any large pieces of debris (oh look, there’s the Dorito you lost whilst writing that blog)

  3. Spray between the keys with a can of compressed air (found in home & office supply stores) to remove dust and small particles. Tilt the keyboard and spray in short, sharp bursts, moving from one side of the keyboard to the other. Don’t spray the can upside down otherwise the propellant will get into the keyboard and damage the components inside)

  4. Wipe the keyboard over with a microfibre cloth, followed by a disinfectant wipe

  5. If you need to get into the tight spaces in between and under keys, use a cotton bud dampened with isopropyl alcohol

(If you have a sticky mouse, you can use the above methods to clean and disinfect it too)


Screens get dusty and smudgy. And whilst it might be tempting to reach for the “Windowlene” DON’T! Harsh household cleaners & chemicals will wear away special coatings and damage your computer monitor or laptop screen.

Whilst there are countless screen cleaners on the market, you can do it yourself at home by using distilled water and a microfiber cloth (mix in white vinegar for tough grime) Just remember to turn the monitor off – it makes it safer for you and you will be able to see the smudges more easily. Be gentle with your cloth and do not spray any liquids directly onto the monitor as it will damage the electronic components. Make sure your screen is completely dry before turning your computer back on. If you have a cracked screen that is in your line of vision and driving you mad, we can help. We can supply and install a replacement screen for nearly all laptops. Just send us the full model number of your laptop and we can provide a free quote for a replacement screen, normally with the same day repair

PC Health Checks

To ensure your computer is working at its best, I recommend that computers are given a thorough Health Check every 6 months. PC Health Checks allow us to ensure that your PC is working at it's best, whilst identifying potential faults before they happen and preventing the loss of your precious Pictures, Videos, Music and other Documents.

Selling your PC/Laptop?

Certified Data Wiping is a method of ensuring that your old technology has been cleaned of your information. Before selling, giving away or recycling your equipment it is important to be sure none of your data is left. We offer full data wiping to desktop and laptop computers and provide a certificate of completion for your peace of mind.

Time for a new PC?

If it’s a true fresh start for you and you’ve treated yourself to a new computer, I can help to set it up and transfer any data from your old device. I can advise on, and install internet, email, antivirus, antimalware, data backup and cloud storage to get you on your way!

So….. are you ready for work? Laptop screen clean and clear of smudges? Keyboard free of debris and dirt? Desk space tidy? Excellent! If you need any further assistance with your PC or laptop, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I work closely with both business and residential customers providing a wide range of IT services. Email me at hello@shaunprince.com or call me on 07563 441261


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