• Shaun Prince

Cyberthreats That Small Business Face: What Are You at Risk Of?

Although viruses, malware, phishing scams, and other kinds of online threats command fear for various businesses, there’s no better time to handle such problems than today.

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology and the innovation of systems and tools, any company can quickly arm itself with the necessary means to keep itself protected all year round, 24/7. At this point, it’s essential to understand that there’s a shield that you can use to protect both your business and customers from every kind of online threat.

In recent years, the need for adequate cybersecurity protection has come about because of recent waves of high-profile cybersecurity attacks dominating the UK’s headlines. However, many start-ups and small business owners dismiss such threats because they feel that hackers, phishers, and bugs are only problems for large-scale corporations.

This isn’t necessarily the case, mainly because cybersecurity threats don’t discriminate according to business size and simply go after anything and everything they can come into contact with—and this bears one question:

What are the cybersecurity threats that small businesses face?

A Quick Rundown of the Threats You’ll Need to Face

The numbers concerning small businesses and cybersecurity threats are shocking, so to say the least—but they also indicate what the average SMB or start-up needs to worry about.

According to this report from the Federation of Small Businesses, research shows that one in five small firms experience a cybersecurity attack in some way, shape, or form. This particular threat is further exacerbated by the fact that the UK’s small business community sees a total loss of £4.5 billion annually (which shows how widespread these threats are).

Taking all the points mentioned above into consideration, it’s vital to ensure that your business stays as protected as possible—especially from these particular threats:


A shortened word for the term “malicious software”, malware is a type of cybersecurity threat that penetrates computers or IT systems through the use of viruses (for the most part). When these particular threats spring to life in your technological infrastructure, you can expect to see various forms of damage—such as:

  • Having data stolen, deleted, or encrypted (essentially a stronger version of locking)

  • Having someone else take control of your computing devices to attack other organisations

  • Having someone obtain credentials that allow access to your organisation’s systems or services that you use

  • Having your computing devices become unusable

When it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure from these types of threats, you must implement round-the-clock measures such as making multiple backup files and constantly updating various pieces of software!


Another increasingly common type of cyberthreat that is relentlessly attacking vulnerable small businesses all over the UK is ransomware.

To best describe it, Ransomware is a type of malware that steals private data (such as passwords, company documents, or customer information) and blocks your access to it. This type of virus prevents you from accessing your vital data by either locking you out of your computing devices or encrypting your data.

After your devices and information is locked, the cybercriminals or hackers responsible will contact you requesting a specific amount of money to release your compromised data—hence, the name.

If you find your business affected by a ransomware attack, you mustn’t pay the set ransom because it encourages such activity. There’s a high chance that you won’t get your data. Fortunately, enlisting the help of a professional like Shaun Prince can assist immensely in terms of recovering your data while ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.


Although there are many different things that you’ll need to handle when looking after your small business, the need to protect it from looming cybersecurity risks is one obligation that you’ll need to handle accordingly. By watching out for the threats mentioned above, you can help ensure that you don’t inadvertently leave yourself vulnerable ever again!

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