• Shaun Prince

Debunking 5 Myths about Managed Services

Over the past years, several managed IT service models have created a big splash as many partners look after clients' IT requirements. These business IT services help organizations elevate their business operations, maximize their IT investment, and manage related activities. More so, these managed services aid in augmenting your business with an expert who helps and assists your team in driving better results.

Although technology experts get hired to keep track and maintain several aspects of an organization's IT systems, there are still exceptional and not-so-exceptional providers. And with this, perhaps, some clients have become uncertain of what to consider. Maybe a few might even be confused about how models work.

But now, despite how the models can create better business outcomes, there have been several misconceptions about managed IT support and services. To help you distinguish facts from fiction, we are here to debunk the top five common myths of these services.

1. Managed Services will get carried away, and business owners will lose control.

This first myth is not what happens after opting for managed services. Using these models will enable you to choose the IT elements you want to handle in-house and those that aren’t included in your contract.

For example, you could consider ITPS in managing systems admin and security, whereas your in-house team would be concerned with support. You remain in complete control of your business at all times. Instead, there will be a partnership between you and your provider, with an overall goal of shared ownership.

2. Managing IT functions using these models is costly.

If it's something that can level up your business, look at it as an investment. Managed services can be pretty pricey, but as you see how efficient your IT systems will be in the long run, this will outweigh what it costs you.

You will only pay for what you need in managed services, so there will be fixed and predictable prices. If you have a specific budget, you can rework your plan so you won't go overboard. Most importantly, if you encounter problems, you have a pool of business IT support professionals who can help you.

3. Managed Services go beyond where they should.

This myth is quite contrary to the truth. Managed services serve as your IT conscience. The team helps your business by monitoring performance, providing insight, and creating new ideas that will help you increase performance ROI as you keep pace with your future.

4. Changing models can be disruptive.

Just because you change your models doesn't mean it has to cause disruptions. Managed service providers will help you develop plans that can be implemented with little to no delay. However, it is still necessary to conduct some training sessions and execute some new processes. Keep in mind that the gain will predominate the pain.

5. You get to work with an in-house IT expert.

It is expensive to maintain staff with high levels of expertise, not just in the IT field but across all disciplines. Opting for managed services providers will help you with the burden of keeping pace with the development of technologies. They have access to several senior-level technical experts in various specializations.


Working with managed services is a good option for organisations that want to limit their IT infrastructure and management troubles.

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