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Lockdown Social Media Tips - Guest Blog by Jo Cook - JC Consulting

Lockdown Social Media Tips - Guest Blog by Jo Cook - JC Consulting

This month’s blog is a little different! Let me introduce you to Jo Cook of JC Consulting. Jo is a freelance PR and Marketing consultant based in Hartford, Cambs. She specialises in providing cost-effective PR & Marketing support and Social Media Management to small local businesses.

Times are really tough at the moment, especially for small businesses like yours. But there are things you can do to maximise your time during isolation, whether you have had to close due to the corona crisis, or if you are still open for business. If you have lost your mojo and are struggling for ideas on how to utilise social media and use it to your best advantage, read on! Thanks Jo 😉

1. Communicate with your followers

Communicate with your followers

If you are a small business and have had to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak, don't go radio silent on your social media pages! Stay in touch with your followers and loyal customers, and reassure them that you're still there (and will be back) You may not be able to share any business news, updates, promotions or offers, but what you can do is communicate with them and ask how they are, how they're coping in isolation, what they are doing to entertain themselves and if they have any good-news stories to share. Give them an insight into your day to day activities too - share a picture of your workspace, a project you are undertaking, a snapshot of you home schooling your kids (or any activities you are doing to keep them amused!) or the sights you have photographed on your daily walk. Ask your employees to send you pictures of what they are up to also. People love to see the human element of a business and behind the scenes. So many people are scrolling through social media at the moment so take the opportunity to have a 2-way conversation with your followers! Be social!

2. Support other businesses

Support other businesses

According to, 2 in 5 small businesses face closure because of coronavirus. Why not use your influence on social media by following local businesses that you would like to support, then create a “shout out” post for them? Don’t forget to tag them in and include some interesting images. Once posted, you could even share their website link in the comments section (Note: Don’t put any external links in the main body of a Facebook post – Facebook demotes posts that link away from the platform) The comment will be seen as “engagement” and so more of your followers are likely to see it. Bonus! Go one step further and make a point of engaging with their posts as your page (like, comment, share etc) You never know, if you scratch their back, they might just scratch yours...

3. Donate to the local community via your business

Donate to the local community via your business

If you are you looking for ways to help your local community during corona crisis why not donate via your business? Perhaps you have surplus stock or product samples that you could gift to say thank you to key workers, or are a service-based business who could offer support?

Two of my wonderful clients have done just this! Zara Indian Cuisine Shelford have donated their delicious Indian meals to Jimmy's Cambridge and Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. They also delivered meals to the NHS staff at the N Wards at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Their kindness even made it in the Cambridge Independent! My other client, Cambridge House of Beauty donated some goody bags containing a selection of Clarins & Guinot face and body care, hydrating lip balms, mascaras and M&S Cherry Liqueurs to the fantastic NHS staff Royal Papworth Hospital! Some lovely treats to brighten their day and a "Thank you" to show how the local community appreciates them!

4. Keep it interesting

Include a range of media to accompany your social media posts (GIF’s, images, videos) and a range of subjects (how to’s, tips, testimonials etc) and be sure to use appropriate emoji’s and hashtags. Keep to 1 or 2 hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, and around 10 on Instagram (you can post as many as 30 but I wouldn’t recommend it)

Head over to to find the best hashtags for your industry. Here are some I’ve gathered for the current climate:

Keep it interesting

And there we have it! Some of Jo’s top-tips on how to navigate social media during the corona crisis. We hope this guest blog has inspired you?

If you have any tips you would like to share with us we would love to hear from you! Tweet us at @ShaunPrincePC

Stay well - Jo and Shaun x