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Managed IT Maintenance Plans for Peace of Mind this Halloween

Managed IT Maintenance Plans for Peace of Mind this Halloween

Ghosts, ghouls, witches, zombies, clowns…. Scary? Perhaps, but nowhere near as frightening as a frozen screen, slow internet, or lost files when you’re up against a work deadline or simply want to complete your day’s work and head off to the pub for cold pint

Sure, if you came across a problem with your computer you could trawl the recommendation sites for an IT specialist to help, but how long will it take for them to respond? How many precious hours will be wasted going back and forth with quotes, how can you guarantee they have availability, and just how warm is that beer getting?......

Managed IT Maintenance Plans for Peace of Mind this Halloween

Be prepared for any IT issues, and rest easy with a proactive maintenance plan. If you’re looking for someone to manage your business (or home) IT, I can help. I specialise in helping small/medium businesses in the local area so I’m available and nearby and have packages to suit all business needs. Prices start from just £10 a month. That’s the price of 2 pints of beer… but at least the 3rd will be cold….

Managed IT Maintenance Plans for Peace of Mind this Halloween

So, what do the plans involve? Let's take a look...

Small Business Plan (1 machine)

Shaun Prince Helpdesk App

I will install this app on your PC/Mac and you can use it to open tickets and communicate directly with me.

Unlimited Tickets & Emails

Got a problem with your machine or want to ask a question? Open a ticket using the app or email me.

Updates (Patch Management)

My app will check your machine and its software for updates and install new versions automatically.

Remote Tech Monitoring

I will switch on tech monitoring so if you contact me with a problem, I can see information about your machine remotely, such as speed performance and temperature.

Managed IT Plan (upto 5 machines)

Everything from the Small Business Plan, plus...

1 Hour Remote Support

If you need me, I will remotely connect to your machine through my app and fix your problems.

Initial In-Person System Assessment

When I install my app, I will conduct an initial assessment of your security, machine health, admin, workflow, storage, and backup, and identify and inform you of any potential improvements.

Automated Responsive Tech Monitoring

I will monitor your system remotely and inform you of any potential issues such as temperature, performance, and speed.

Everything from both other plans, plus...

More Remote Support

I can be on hand as much as you think you need me.

On-Site Support

Prefer to see someone in person or have me look at your machines? I'll come to your business.

Priority Response

Your jobs will be prioritised, and your issues solved quicker.

You can customise your package and add on any more services you require such as antivirus cover, password management, cloud storage, computer backup, custom emails, workflow assessment, Microsoft 365, and website design.

If you want peace of mind, enquire today. Head to and fill out the form and I'll get back to you to answer any questions or set up your plan!

If you’re short on time, just email me instead!

Now….. for that cold pint…..