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Managed IT Maintenance Plans for your home IT needs

Managed IT Maintenance Plans for your home IT needs

Computer terms can be baffling (and worrying) if you’re not an IT professional, or simply don’t have in-depth knowledge of technology or computer terminology. If you click on “accept cookies”, have you subjected yourself to an extra couple of pounds on the bathroom weighing scales, or worse, infected your PC with something nasty? If you’re looking for someone in the know to manage your home IT, I can help!

Managed IT Maintenance Plans for your home IT needs

The Plans

Home Protection Plan

If terms like Adware, Malware, Spyware, Trojan horse, and Rootkit make you want to lay down in a dark room, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our HOME PROTECTION plan will protect your home PCs/Macs against viruses and other nasties with premium anti-virus cover and support just an email away! Once you're a customer, you'll be on my lists and I'll have your details if you ever need repairs or other services! All this for less than the cost of a coffee – just £2.50 a month (per machine)

If you have a more complicated home set up or just prefer having your mind at rest, have me to hand for any issues with our MANAGED HOME PLAN

Small Business Plan (1 machine)

Shaun Prince Helpdesk App

I will install this app on your PC/Mac and you can use it to open tickets and communicate directly with me.

Unlimited Tickets & Emails

Got a problem with your machine or want to ask a question? Open a ticket using the app or email me.

Updates (Patch Management)

My app will check your machine and its software for updates and install new versions automatically.

Remote Tech Monitoring

I will switch on tech monitoring so if you contact me with a problem, I can see information about your machine remotely, such as speed, performance, and temperature.

All this for just £10 / month (per machine). You also have the option to add on services such as antivirus cover, password management, cloud storage, computer back up (we’ll come onto this in a moment) and Microsoft 365.

Managed IT Plan (upto 5 machines)


Do you have trouble remembering all your passwords? Do you constantly have to click the “rest password” button only to be lost in a maze of ridiculous questions you can’t remember the answer to…. What’s your dog’s maiden name? What is the name of your first car? What did your next-door neighbour’s cat have for breakfast……? I can help you with an app that stores your passwords securely, so you don’t need to remember them all! I can also help to generate secure passwords that can’t be easily guessed.

Reusing the same password across different accounts can be dangerous. A cyber-criminal might steal one of your passwords, and then use it to try and access other accounts. This means they could quickly break into several of your accounts despite only knowing one password. Password management can help put a stop to this.


You're likely backing up your computer's contents to an external hard drive (and if not, you should be), but that's not enough. Both your PC and your backup drive could be lost to theft or fire.

Cloud-backup services, also known as online-backup services, provide an offsite repository for your valuable information that never goes offline and is available from anywhere.

Cloud-backup services aren't the same as online-syncing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive. An online-syncing service creates a cloud-based mirror of a specific set of files or folders on your device, and pushes out identical copies of those files to all of your linked devices.

Cloud-backup services are simpler. They continuously or periodically copy all or most of the files and folders on your computer to their own cloud servers. Your data stays on those servers until you need it. Most cloud-backup services offer generous amounts of storage for a subscription fee that is much cheaper, gigabyte for gigabyte, than an online-syncing service.

We can assess your needs as a residential user and advise on a solution to match your needs.

If you’re interested in how our home IT maintenance plans can help you, please get in touch!


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