• Shaun Prince

Managed vs. DIY IT Services: What's Their Difference?

In today’s digitally-driven business landscape, it’s nearly impossible for a business not to depend on a maintained infrastructure technology component so that it can thrive.

Whether you’re a small business looking to break into a fast-rising industry or an established corporation that invests in cutting-edge solutions, you likely rely on IT services for success. As you continue to invest in different measures that your business can use to gain the competitive edge it needs, you’ll eventually reach a point where your operations won’t run smoothly without the right help. And this brings up a specific question: should you DIY your IT support or hire a managed IT service provider to help?

Telling the two apart

At one point or another, any business owner is bound to face the need to deliberate on whether their technological needs are best left in their in-house team or a managed service provider. Considering that much of a business’s technological advantage affects the level of productivity and success it can achieve, it’s easy to see why such a decision bears a much bigger impact than one can expect.

To best understand which type of approach is best suited to your business’s needs, let’s go over both types of services in further detail:

In-house DIY IT support

The best way to define a DIY IT support approach is that it involves setting up an in-house team at the price of significant time and financial resources.

When this route is taken, businesses improve their in-house system knowledge to help handle concerns and opportunities in the long run. This same type of service approach is also advantageous because it ensures capable professionals are a mere call or a few steps away in your office in case any IT issues pop up!

Managed IT support

This type of service––typically carried out by a skilled and capable Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)—is something that concerns the process of hiring a remote service provider to take care of your business’s IT problems.

The main value of enlisting the services of a managed IT support provider is that it allows you to establish an increased level of productivity while improving convenience. When you enlist the services of a professional like Shaun Prince, the value of hiring an MSP extends over to capitalising on specialised skills and ensuring a much easier experience of scalability in the long run!

Why should you go for a managed IT service?

At first, you might think that outsourcing the skills and time of a managed IT service may seem like an outlandish idea because of the costs involved. When you consider these key benefits, you’ll quickly learn that hiring makes a much more compelling and cost-effective case than taking the in-house route because:

  • It keeps your business equipped with professionals who possess specialised skills: Instead of worrying about learning your way around a piece of IT technology that requires much time to learn, enlisting the services of an expert solves half the battle. Fortunately, this benefit means that you won’t have to worry about falling behind on compliance or not knowing what to do when a certain issue arises!

  • It provides your business with a roster of specialised skills that come in handy during tough situations: Compared to a DIY set-up, where your team isn’t specialised to take on any assignment that comes up, outsourced professionals have a different approach to ensure that they come with a speciality in hand. No matter how complex a technical problem may be within your system’s walls, you can always count on an outsourced MSP to come in and solve the problem!


As a business owner, one of the most confusing deliberations you’ll need to make is choosing between in-house DIY IT support and a managed IT service. Although there are arguments for both sides that make them attractive in their own right, outsourcing a professional to manage your business’s needs proves to be a much more sustainable and beneficial long-term solution!

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