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Pets in the Workplace - Volume 2

Remember our December blog “Pets in the workplace” where freelancers told their hilarious, yet embarrassing tails (see what we did there?) about their pets and the problems they have caused them whilst attempting to work from home? We were given so many stories that we just had to write a second blog. We can’t possibly leave out these pesky pooches and cat-astrophic kittens. Ok… enough of the puns …. Here’s some more stories to make you smile 😊

Freelancers Allegra, Rosie and Helen all had the dreaded experience of “cat screen rotation”. Sound familiar?.......

“My cat once jumped on my laptop, changed the screen orientation and I had no idea how to change it back. Worked it out in the end, more by luck than judgement)”Allegra Chapman
“My cat sat on the keyboard and turned my screen upside down. Took my panicked ass a while to fix it!”Rosie Brent
“My cat once walked across my keyboard and everything was then upside down on the screen. Even the mouse was moving back to front!”Helen Holwill

(Don’t worry, if this happens to you simply hit CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow, Right Arrow or Down arrow to rotate the screen back to normal)

We thought we would save the best till last. Freelancer Minty Barlow had a brood of eggcited chickens and a very, shall we say….erm…. artistic cat. Enjoy!

“Our chickens got in the cat flap and surrounded my husband in his office whilst on a conference call. We also had a cat that left a big skid mark on an illustration I was working on. That was a good ‘un”

Got any pet stories that will make us howl? Tweet us at @ShaunPrincePC


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