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Remote Support This Christmas

Remote Support This Christmas

The COVID19 pandemic has affected us all – our personal lives, our businesses, and our lively hood. 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for all, but as we end the year and enjoy the festive season, we can all (hopefully) look forward to a healthier and happier 2021.

One of the biggest changes to our day-to-day routine is to our working arrangements. Hands up who now works from home because of social distancing from your colleagues in the office? You’re not alone. In April, over 46% of people in employment did some work at home. Of those who did some work from home, 86% did so as a result of the pandemic - wow! But for those who are sole traders, freelancers, and business owners, working from home is often the norm.

Remote Support This Christmas

With many businesses now working remotely, remote support allows me to easily and speedily provide help to those working from home or the office. It enables businesses like yours to gain access to expertise without having someone on-site and having to navigate the complications of social distancing and COVID-19.

IT support can make or break a business, and remote support is a huge part of providing the best possible service, whether running your business from home, or from an office space. For most businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of the year, a time where you cannot afford for your PC to let you down!

Remote Support This Christmas

So, what can you do if your machine is all “bah humbug” and won’t play ball? Due to COVID19 restrictions and social distancing measures, it can be difficult to get the help you need to run your business smoothly. But did you know that I can help you get back on track, all from the comfort of my sofa? If you have a problem with your machine I can dial in and provide remote assistance and fix your problems. That way you won’t see me in my Christmas onesie and reindeer ears that the kids have insisted I wear for their entertainment (honestly…)

So, what is remote assistance exactly?

So, what is remote assistance exactly?

Remote support software gives me the ability to access your device via the internet to provide maintenance and support on the remote system. With remote support, I can connect to any device that I’m servicing (as part of your managed IT plan) instantly and from anywhere in the world, even the North Pole!

Once connected, I can take control of your device and perform whatever task is needed. I can install updates, troubleshoot issues, and even provide on-demand support. Compared to on-site visits (which are not possible right now), remote assistance reduces the amount of time needed to resolve your issues and even reduces costs! Remote support has made IT support faster, easier, and cheaper!

So, what does remote support look like?

When you request remote assistance, a little elf starts manoeuvring your mouse, clicking pages & buttons, and working its magic on your machine behind the scenes. But it’s not a Christmas elf, it’s me, Shaun 😉 And you don’t need to worry that you’re still in your dressing gown at midday as I don’t require you to turn a camera or microphone on, it’s all done with the click of a button!

So, what does remote support look like?

Sounds great! So how do I get started?

If you are looking for someone to manage your business or home IT and to provide remote assistance, our Managed IT Maintenance Plans are just the thing. Our “Small Business Plan” (for 1 machine) includes remote tech monitoring where I will be able to see information about your machine remotely such as speed performance and temperature.

With our “Managed IT Plan” (up to 5 machines) we offer 1-hour remote support, so if you need me, I will remotely connect to your machine through my app and fix your problems. With our “Managed Premium Plan” (suitable for larger businesses) we offer even more remote support and can be on hand as much as you think you need us!

Don’t leave yourself out in the cold this Christmas! Contact me today to find out more about our maintenance plans which start from as little as £10 per month.


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May I take this opportunity to say that I hope you have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones and wish for a positive 2021 for you all.

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