• Shaun Prince

The Importance of Computer Maintenance for Small Business

The Importance of Computer Maintenance for Small Business

Your most valuable asset

I’m guessing that your laptop, Mac or PC is your most valuable asset when it comes to running your own business - am I right? So, what happens when your machine has a virus, displays an error message or just freezes on you mid-project? This blog highlights how much we rely on technology, specifically our laptops/Macs/PC's, and how productivity is affected when it doesn't play ball!...

Your business stops when you machine does!

One freelancer revealed: “Without my laptop, I am screwed. As a social media consultant, I run my entire business from my computer, and when things go wrong, I lose valuable working hours (and subsequently money!). The stress and frustration it has caused me in the past has literally bought me to tears. My business comes to a standstill when my computer does!”

Another business owner had bugs on her iMac, like serious bugs – no responsivity, refusing to open files and function delays: “£200 down, 2 days (minimum) essential work out the window, missed massive deadline and now have a very stressed out client I can’t do anything about”

But imagined that this happened whilst you were trying to enjoy some much-needed down time?! Well it happened to this poor guy: “Whilst on holiday, Win10 Update 2, “the fix” came down and nuked my wifi drivers. Then threw a security wobbly when I used my mobile as a wifi hotspot. 3am I finally finished sorting the clients data”

Surely there’s a solution?

Don’t panic, there are measurements you can put in place to help protect your machine. A quality IT practitioner should be able to offer services such as these to ensure the smooth running of your business:

  • Remote access – to connect to your machine to provide quick assistance

  • Tech monitoring - to find & fix problems before they happen

  • Antivirus cover - to keep your computer safe from harm

  • Patch management – to ensure that your machine is updated regularly, plus installation of security patches

“I now have a maintenance contract in place, which is, without a doubt, the best £10 I spend each month on my business” – Jo Cook, Freelance marketing consultant

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

As a business owner, and aside from your usual daily activities, it’s likely that you are expected to be a marketer, sales person, accountant and cleaner. Your computer can be very intimidating (let’s face it, most people don’t have the necessary tech qualifications to fix their own machine) so don’t spend valuable time trying to solve your own tech problems - let the experts help to get you back on track!

I checked the serial number on your laptop... It's a sandwich toaster

Joking aside, it’s no laughing matter when your most valuable asset lets you down! Have you ever missed a deadline, lost a customer or cried and thrown your laptop out the window when your computer stopped working? I would love to hear from you! Tweet your stories to @ShaunPrincePC