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The Importance of Data Backup & Cloud Storage

The Importance of Data Backup & Cloud Storage

Your data has never been so important, make sure its protected!

You never know what life is going to throw at you. I mean, imagine a car came crashing through your office building, destroying all of your equipment, leaving you frantically worried about the security of your data? A bit far fetched? Nope!

One cold February night, a car lost control and drove through a side wall and then right into our office, finally taking out the end wall before it came to a standstill! We share the building with 2 other local businesses - Evolve Accounting & The Transafe Network, so when we were informed about the crash, our first thought was for the safety of the other workers. Luckily, the office was completely empty (we can often be seen burning the midnight oil at the time of the crash) It was a miracle that no-one was hurt. Once we knew that everyone was safe, our attention turned to our equipment and our precious data...

Tythe Farm Office Crash in February 2020

Fortunately, my end of the office was largely unaffected, but the other businesses suffered damage to equipment, paperwork and furniture. It just so happened that my office buddies had already drafted me in to set them up with cloud back up services, so despite the damage to their equipment, their data was safe and sound snuggled up on a fluffy cloud.

“When that car crashed through our office destroying all of our equipment, we lost nothing because Shaun had set us up with a back up system, it was the one thing we didn’t need to worry about” - Emma Bail at Evolve Accounting

We even made the local news! Pictures of the damage and footage of the scene we were called to can be found on this Hunts Post article

We’ve heard of other horror stories (Ok, maybe not quite as dramatic as ours), but devastating none the less! UK freelancer, Claire Litt Bell learnt the hard way “I was doing a job for a client in my early days which involved using existing floor plans of sites within a company scale and drawing up an electronic copy. Each took about 2 or 3 hours and I lost about 2 days work (I did back it up, but it was only every few days) – Now it’s every day!”

On a separate occasion, Claire managed to wipe her hard drive…

Claire managed to wipe her hard drive

Yep, we would say that’s sound advice!

And it’s not just data in the workplace…. Consider how many personal treasured memories are on your laptop – wedding photos, Christmas snaps, birthday milestones…. How devastated would you be if you lost them?

“A friend had their laptop stolen with years and years of personal and professional photos on. Gone forever, needless to say she was totally gutted” – Faye Stenson

And what about that epic novel you have started to write?

“I lost my novel. I was 35,000 words in. My laptop broke and no one could retrieve my book” – Sarah English

Protect your precious memories!

Don’t take the risk! We can assess your needs as a user (business or residential) and advise on a solution to match your needs.

Are you backing up your computer's contents to an external hard drive? (if not, you should be). Although that's not actually enough. Both your PC and your backup drive could be lost to theft or fire. Cloud-backup services, also known as online-backup services, provide an offsite repository for your valuable information that never goes offline and is available from anywhere.

Cloud-backup services aren't the same as online-syncing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive. An online-syncing service creates a cloud-based mirror of a specific set of files or folders on your device and pushes out identical copies of those files to all of your linked devices.

Cloud-backup services are simpler. They continuously or periodically copy all or most of the files and folders on your computer to their own cloud servers. Your data stays on those servers until you need it. Most cloud-backup services offer generous amounts of storage for a subscription fee that is much cheaper, gigabyte for gigabyte, than an online-syncing service.

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