• Shaun Prince

3 Tips to Help You Develop Better Tech Support Practices

When your customers encounter a technical issue with your product or service, they look for tech support for help. While it’s common to confuse tech support and customer support, the former has a more specified service relating to your product. This is usually performed through live chat, email correspondence, or even over a phone call. Although it may seem like a simple part of your business, it has a crucial impact on your brand as a whole.

Reinforcing Tech Support Practices

Product-centric businesses regularly run into the issue of orienting their customers on their product’s interface. While today’s generation of consumers is more technologically aligned, demographics still find it difficult to handle interface and installation issues. Through tech support, you reinforce your customer relationships and mitigate potential risks of losing clients down your sales funnel. This is why it’s vital to develop effective tech support practices.

In this article, we’ll share three tips to help you develop better tech support practices.

1. Prioritise Your Tech Support as You Would Your Sales Teams

Customer acquisition is vital for raising your sales figures, while customer management will determine your brand’s service quality. If you cannot guide your customers effectively with their tech concerns, they’re likely to look for another service provider. This isn’t just a loss of clients; it’s also a negative mark on your brand’s reputation.

While it’s important to develop proactive sales teams, you should also understand the benefit of capable tech support. For this reason, you should utilise your tech teams to be effective and responsive to customer concerns. Additionally, you can use their encounters to upsell and cross-sell products when applicable to your clients’ needs.

2. Simplify Your Communication Channels

When your customers experience tech concerns, they want to receive immediate and convenient support. For this reason, you should make it easy to contact you across different platforms with the right contact information. Doing so will improve your customer retention rates and mitigate risks of distressing your customers even more.

If your main means of customer engagement is through your website, it needs to be designed to showcase your contact information. A customer may get frustrated with your service if they don’t see a noticeable “Contact Us” page or contact details on all your pages. This is why providing quick user support may also depend on your web design’s optimisation.

3. Listen to Your Statistics

Your customers will give you valuable insights into your product’s performance, especially with the frequent concerns they encounter. Listening to their problems should provide you with insight into potential improvements for future product releases.

In extreme cases, you can take a hint from a large volume of tech support calls. If problems with your product frequently occur for specific reasons, you may need to perform a product recall. While this may be a costly decision, it’s a better alternative than putting out small fires one by one.


Product complications can happen even with a foolproof model, which is why technical support is necessary to guide your not-so-tech-savvy customers. Additionally, strong tech support is a great way to develop stronger ties with your customers, especially if your goal is to improve client retention. For this reason, you should reinforce your communication channels and streamline your tech help desk practices.

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