• Shaun Prince

Top Microsoft Word Hacks!

Top Microsoft Word Hacks!

Most business owners and office workers use Microsoft Word daily, but don’t realise how many tricks and shortcuts that are available to them. Word has tons of features that you probably don’t even know about. Want to work quicker and smarter? Then read on my friend...


When you open a blank Word document, the cursor is automatically positioned at the top of the page. But if you’re creating a cover page, you might want to start in the middle of the page. I bet you press “Enter” a bunch of times don’t you? No need! Just double click on the line where you want to start, and hey presto! Word adds in the extra spaces for you!


Whilst Word makes these buttons easy to find on your Home tab, you’ll save a huge amount of time by learning some keyboard shortcuts! You might be familiar with formatting shortcuts such as Bold, Italic and Underline but there are so many more! Here’s the full list of shortcuts A-Z

Top Microsoft Word Hacks! - A-Z Keyboard Shortcuts


In the old days, when “word processing” was done on a typewriter, people often put two spaces after a full stop and 2 returns in every paragraph to improve readability. And although modern computers and word processors have removed this feature, the old habit still lingers on in some.

If you want to remove those annoying extra spaces, use the Find/Replace tool by pressing Ctrl + H. In the Find box, type a fullstop (.) followed by two spaces, and next to Replace, type a fullstop (.) followed by one space. Then click Replace All.

To eliminate double paragraphs, use the Find/Replace tool to find ^p^p (the symbols for a paragraph break), and replace it with ^p.

Top Microsoft Word Hacks! - How To Remove Extra Paragraphs


Now this is a gooden! Have you ever received a document that is written entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS? (sorry, I wasn’t shouting at you). If you want to edit a shouty document, rather than re-typing it, just highlight the text you want to change and press Shift + F3. Each time you press Shift + F3, your text will toggle through uppercase, lowercase and title case options!

Top Microsoft Word Hacks! - Change Case Instantly!

So there we have it! My top Microsoft Word hacks! Know any others? Think I’ve missed some corkers out? Let me know by tweeting me at @ShaunPrincePC